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Dear Dealers and Growers;

Yuksel Seeds Inc Co. is a Turkish seed research and production company which has worked on the improvement of hybrid vegetable cultivars. Our company has been awarded the "Seed Researcher Foundation Certificate" by the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkiye. Yuksel Seeds Inc Co. is the largest vegetable breeding company in Turkiye which specifies mainly on hybrid tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, squash, melon and watermelon cultivars. We would like to present our new web page which we hope will be of use. New cultivars being developed currently shall be presented to your interest in the future.

Currently, Yuksel Seeds has 5 research and breeding stations in addition to 210 hectares of land. An area of 110 hectares of land is used to accommodate several glasshouses used for breeding purposes. Our company has developed high quality hybrid vegetable varieties through different breeding programs for over 30 years and will continue to do so in the future. The varieties have been bred and produced solely by Yuksel Seeds Inc Co. Our varieties of high production, resistant to diseases and high environmental adaptability qualities will provide for all your requirements. We believe our high quality varieties will be of utmost use. We thank you for your kind interest, efforts and contributions.

Best regards
Mehmet Yuksel
General Manager


Our Vision: Being a seed research and development company  which  improves high quality vegetable seeds  at internationally accepted standards , expanding  the boundaries of genetics at the molecular level  and to be the one of most important companies about vegetable seeds in the world.

Our Mission: Making manufacturer and consumer oriented seed production in order for feeding the people of our country including the entire world’s population with a safe and healthy natural food.

Our Policy: Making seed production aiming at easy and direct access, reliable, contemporary and continuous improvement with our trained and talented teams by using the most current methods of science and technology.

Our Values are:

Good Will: Maintaining our relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers in honesty.

Productivity: Ensuring productivity by means of the protection of close relationship with both customers and suppliers.

Transparency: Being accessible, perceptible, understandable information about current status and the events

Privacy: Due to the strategic importance of our work, all the work we do in Turkey and around the world is known within the boundaries of certain powers within the company hierarchy and remains only in the company.

Efficiency: Producing more products with less resource such as efficiency, manpower, plant and equipment and reducing unit costs.

Reliability: Providing reliable a monitoring and evaluation system to the community that we live in while we are providing reliable work environment for our employees.

Customer Satisfaction: It is the main cause of our each activity.

Quality: It is the most important criteria that will lead us to our goal. The most important resource is our human resources.

Innovation: Staying up to date continuously and sustaining our scientific side.

Responsibility for Society: Our social responsibilities.

Responsibility for Environment and Nature: We are bound up with global human values.

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