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To Not Become Unemployed / To Need to Start A Job Immediately
To Need to Earn An Financially Income Immediately
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Because This Is My Ideal Job and I Want To Work Permanently
To Set up My Own Business After Gain Experience
To Gain Experience of Employment Interviewing
To Try to Work at Somewhere with My Profession, Because I Do Not Have Any Work Experience
Because I Want to Have A Job As A Result of Parental and Social Pressure
To Work Until Marriage
How Long Do You Think To Work in Our Company? A Couple of WeeksA Couple of Months1 -2 Years3-5 Years10-15 YearsUntil Retirement
What Kind of Personality and Working Capacity Do You Have? (You Can Select More Than One.) Patient Quiet and Calm Excited Nervous Self-confident Open to Criticism Highly Motivated Superordinate Goals Organized Well Time Management Quick and Simple Solution Producing Authorizable and Takes Initiative Trustworthy Appropriative about Work Place
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Can You Work and Fulfill The Responsibilities about General Greenhouse and Field Works?   

The informations that I gave are correct, exact and complete. I accept that if any of these information is incorrect, it will cause not being employed and being dismissed from my job.
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